Karistos green quartzite masonry

Karistos green quartzite masonry

Karistos green  quartzite masonry


Code: 1135
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Width: 5/10/15 cm
Yields from: Athenes
Material: Quartzite
Size: Free length
Country: Greece
Color: Green
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Karisto green quartzite for masonry is a product that comes in three options of slab thickness - 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm. It is available in free length and is available per tonne. It is sourced from Athens, Greece and is of the highest quality. Quartzite natural stone is strong and has very good characteristics of resistance over time, making it a good investment for a lifetime. The material is suitable for any design in a more domestic style. Masonry with quartzite is a good solution for interiors, fences, taverns, barbecue areas and others. SIM2007 - a variety of natural quartzite stone, at competitive prices! Wholesale and retail.

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