Karystos green 5L

Karystos green 5L


Code: 1136
Price: € 16,36
Width: 1,5-2
Yields from: Athenes
Material: Gniess
Size: Free length
Country: Greece
Color: Green
Price without VAT:
Цената може да варира спрямо количеството:
the product is available Square meter

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Karisto Quartzite Green Shaped 5L has an interesting design. The base of the plates is in green color, but each treatment is in a slightly different shade and interweaves threads of the brown-yellow range. In this way, every fence or cladding in the interior and exterior looks different and very beautiful. As for the size, the product is free length and the thickness of the slab is between 1.5 cm - 2 cm. The shaped quartzite slabs are mined in Athens, Greece and SIM 2007 is the official dealer for Bulgaria. SIM 2007 - guarantee of quality and competitive prices of any kind of natural stone for facings and flooring!

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