Karystos green bones

Karystos green bones


Code: 1134
Price: € 6,14
Width: 1,5-2,5 cm
Yields from: Athenes
Material: Quartzite
Size: Free length
Country: Greece
Color: Green
Price without VAT:
the product is available Square meter

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Karisto bones in green color are a material with which the cladding will stand out with a more non-standard look. The appearance of the material allows for absolute freedom in arrangement, so the end result will look different in different projects. A fence of such material would look very natural, while at the same time fulfilling its function of limiting views to the garden or yard space. It is also used in decorative landscape design - for fencing different corners and separating the types of vegetation. Quartzite bones are of high quality and relatively affordable. Order from SIM2007!

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