Quartzite Karystos green handmade 10L

Quartzite Karystos green handmade 10L


Code: 11392
Price: € 19,43
Width: 1,5-2 cm
Yields from: Athenes
Material: Quartzite
Size: Free length
Country: Greece
Color: Green
Price without VAT:
the product is available Square meter

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Caristo hammered slabs for cladding at 10 cm Karisto green quartzite hand-hewn 10 L impresses with a beautiful and natural look. The product is suitable for lining walls, columns, building fences and others. Hand-hewn quartzite slabs are strong and durable, making the material timeless. The thickness of each quartzite slab is between 1.5 cm - 2 cm. They are mined in Greece, Athens and have free length. You can buy the desired quantity per square meter. SIM2007 - natural stone in large stocks, with fast delivery to any part of the country!

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