Nature and characteristics

Granite is a treasure that dates back to ancient times. Natural stone is found on almost every continent on Earth, which means that it is mined worldwide. It is a volcanic, intrusive rock that has a granular structure. Some of the most exotic and diverse colors of the material are obtained from China, Finland, South Africa, India, Turkey and others.


That is why very often you could hear that Turkish granite, Chinese granite, etc. are for sale. The extraction of granite takes a long time and is a very difficult process, which leads to its higher cost. The pieces of granite are obtained after the various deposits have gone through various blasting procedures and are subject to cutting. Finally, granite slabs are obtained, which are finished and used in construction

Granite stone slabs

Thus, the popular stone slabs for cladding and flooring have excellent properties: Strength and hardness of the rock, which has an average density between 2, 65 and 2, 75 g / cm. It is characterized by high strength - withstands friction, compression and has high resistance to abrasion; Compressive strength - when saturated with water, the parameters are 550 kg / cm2, while in the dry state it is 604 kg / cm2; Durability - granite life is at least 500 years, which in practice makes it an "eternal stone"; Resistance to water and moisture - granite is very difficult to absorb moisture, which makes it an excellent solution for paving for yard paths, building cladding and other outdoor objects; richness of textures - the stone is rough, unpolished (before processing) and absorbs light. It can also be polished stone with great brilliance, which remains a remarkable effect in any decorative or other element. With such a mineral, any designer can achieve an incredible finish in their project; resistance to atmospheric agents and acids, which makes granite the preferred choice for natural stone for facades and flooring; large selection of colors - the most common shades are gray, but it is also available in many other palettes; environmental friendliness - safe and environmentally friendly product, suitable for installation on all types of surfaces; perfect compatibility with other types of materials - wood, metal, ceramics and others. Types of granite for interior and exterior SIM 2007 is a leader in the sale of granite, in its full abundance. Our product range includes the following categories: sandblasted granite; granite polished slabs and steps; peeled and thermally peeled granite; All types of granite are suitable for interior and exterior of buildings, because the stone withstands in any environment. You can use granite steps for tiles and flooring, as well as for accents in specific interior elements. The great variety of color palette will also not limit your choice - with us you will find white, gray, red and other shades. If you are looking for a specific model but do not see it on our website, you could contact us directly to assist you. Do not hesitate, we are available at any time! Application Granite slabs are widely used in modern construction. This is mainly due to the durability of the stone - it is not affected by any external irritants. It can give a whole new look to a building or structure and at the same time is a perfect solution for both classic and ultra-modern design. In addition, it is easy to handle. The finished material - perfectly polished granite, is used in many ways - in the manufacture of countertops, monuments, cladding, stairs and in many interior styles. SIM 2007 can give you ideas for various applications, such as making: granite facade; granite for flooring; granite steps; fence cladding; paths, alleys; granite is used even in the manufacture of sidewalks, roads, bridges; interior design; granite countertops and others. In short, granite slabs can be used for all kinds of structural and decorative purposes. Whatever decision you make, whether installing a natural granite flooring, complete granite cladding or otherwise, the end result will be amazing.

Prices SIM 2007 specializes in the sale, supply and installation of natural stones for facades and flooring - in the country and abroad. As market leaders, we can offer you competitive prices for granite and advise you on choosing granite slabs. We guarantee that you will receive useful professional recommendations on their type and size in order to successfully implement your project. The dimensions of natural granite stone vary. We have both more standard sizes (60/30) and ready-made granite steps with much larger sizes. We give you complete freedom of choice. It is important for us that each of our clients feels satisfied and is able to buy the right amount of material according to the area he intends to cover, place as flooring, or the area he will decorate. In our website you can see the prices for almost all products. We will inform you about the others upon request. You could also take advantage of our service of manual processing of the material, with the desired shape and size according to your project. For any questions about the products and requests, make an inquiry to us! Why buy from us? With us you can find natural stones without compromising on quality. We have a large collection of granite, gneiss, limestone, travertine, glitz, marble, pavers, decorative stones and river stone. Locally, we develop our activity in a warehouse. It is located in Sofia, 125 Okolovrasten Pat Str. Here we maintain a large assortment of granite, polished to a perfect shine. So, if you are looking for granite steps in Sofia and the region, welcome to us! Choosing to make a purchase from us, retail or wholesale, you will receive: granite of excellent quality; the great variety you need; affordable prices; quick service; professional recommendation; manual processing of products with the desired shape and size; delivery to an address, as well as installation if necessary; We will be happy to help you with the choice of stone tiles for cladding and flooring. Granite is one of the most preferred natural stones because it has proven itself over time as a durable material with longer life. We hope you are convinced of its benefits and boldly bet on this product. Contact us to request the required amount of granite. You can order with direct delivery at preferential partner prices and discounts.