Nature and characteristics of marble

Everyone knows marble, in its natural form, but it is a material that can be used to depict unique designs in the interior and exterior. This exquisite stone is very popular both in the past and today because it has a number of functional and aesthetic qualities. In order to fully develop these advantages, proper work is required when installing wall cladding in the home, exterior cladding, laying as a floor covering, etc.

To this end, there are certain rules and standards for dealing with this task. If they are not observed, deformation of the surface can occur, as well as changes in the color and texture of natural stone. Care must be taken during installation - the goal is to achieve a flat surface, as well as quality grouting. Hence the proper care of natural stone slabs.

Types of marble and application

The properties of marble are exceptional, and among the most significant are: stone slabs for cladding and flooring with unsurpassed design and a wide range of colors; Abrasiveness ranging from 0.4 to 3.2 g / cm2; Resistance to water and moisture - retains its original appearance, even with repeated changes in environmental conditions, heavy rain, hail and snow; High strength, which makes the material highly resistant to shocks and mechanical impacts; Cold resistance - extremely durable material that will not break, even with multiple cycles of freezing and thawing; Non-flammable material; Easy processing; Ecologically clean product - marble is a natural material that fully meets the environmental conditions; Types of marble The types of marble that are offered as building materials usually have a perfectly smooth surface, through which they add style, elegance and charm to every detail where they are installed. In the collection of SIM 2007 you will find many varieties of marble stones both in color and design: Marble Emperor light slabs, dark slabs; Rosewood steps and set; Valencia set and Valencia marble steps; Tundra marble gray and dark; Hermes blue plates; Hermes gray plates; Arabesque plates; Rosewood plates; Valencia slabs, set and steps; Marble pyramid slabs; Marble pyramid steps; All products are of unsurpassed quality, originating in Turkey or Egypt. Ie Here you can find Turkish marble and Egyptian marble, in different color palettes - gray, brown, white and beige. The interesting thing about marble slabs or marble steps is that the colors are somehow blending into several shades of the same tone. It is this vision that creates an even more stunning effect in the exterior or interior layout. In case you have decided to add a beautiful accent with marble tiles in your project, make an inquiry to us. We will answer you as soon as possible. We fulfill our orders quickly and responsibly to each of our clients. Application Despite the abundance of other modern materials, marble looks very harmonious in different styles. It is also found in very rich shades that can satisfy every requirement and preference for color. It is widely used in construction and repair activities, such as kitchen countertops, marble steps, marble floors, room decoration, wall coverings, facades and more. Marble is widely used in construction, decoration and landscape design. In practice, it can be used as far as the designer's imagination goes, like any other natural stone - gneiss, limestone, travertine and others.


The most common use of the material is in: cladding of houses and other buildings; flooring in the interior and exterior; shaping paths; marble steps; lining of waterfalls and fountains; design of decorative corners; marble kitchen countertops; interior decoration of marble walls and others; Generally speaking, if you decide to make any kind of marble cladding, flooring or decoration, you will not go wrong. Marble slabs are a building material with many advantages - strength and resistance to all external influences and last but not least - reveal exquisite aesthetic beauty with unsurpassed brilliance. Prices SIM 2007 specializes in the sale, supply and installation of natural stones for facades and flooring - in the country and abroad. As market leaders, we can offer you competitive prices and advise you on choosing marble. We guarantee that you will receive useful professional recommendations on the type and size of each model of marble slabs and steps in order to successfully and budget-wise implement your project. See what a rich marble collection we have prepared for you by visiting our "Products" page. The size of natural marble stone varies from small slabs to large ones and whole steps. The products are available per linear or square meter. Make a specific inquiry about the prices for marble of the selected model! The final price for the products we offer depends on the required quantity and the model you choose. Take advantage of our service of manual processing of the material, with the desired shape and size of your project. Contact us to request the required amount of marble. You can order with direct delivery, at preferential partner prices and discounts. We accept retail and wholesale orders. We will try to deliver the ordered goods to the address as soon as possible. Why buy from us? Natural stones for cladding and flooring offer an abundance of sizes, colors and designs. SIM 2007 has a large warehouse, where we strive to maintain a large and diverse range of limestone, suitable for use in many areas in the home, villa, outdoor areas, etc. Choosing to make a purchase from us, retail or wholesale, you will receive: marble slabs or steps of excellent quality; a wide variety of products; affordable marble prices; quick service; free professional recommendation; manual processing of products with the desired shape and size; delivery to an address, as well as installation if necessary; We will be happy to help you with the choice of stone tiles for cladding and flooring. Marble is one of the most preferred natural stones that deserve to be included in any future project. We hope you are convinced of the benefits of the material and boldly bet on this product. SIM 2007 company is at your disposal for orders, delivery, installation, manual processing or professional consultation for cladding and flooring of natural stones. Contact us if you are hesitant about the type of stone, the quantity or you want to discuss your views on the project! We work for you!